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This year we’re having a lot of people over for Christmas, so my wife and I racked our brains to come up with the best gifts for everyone. We thought about winter clothing, but nah – too risky.  What if one size doesn’t fit all, it could stir up some unwanted weight issues. Definitely not desirable right before serving up Christmas pudding.


We thought about it some more, and then we realised we wanted something that could be personalised, and that’s when I had it. Towels! Towels make great gifts. We can personalise them with everyone’s name, and who doesn’t need a nice warm fluffy towel in their bathroom? Who doesn’t need a new towel? Ours are looking a bit warn and sad, some even have holes in them. Here are some of the personalised gift towels we ordered, I hope this helps you choose the right gift for your family.


For my brother who just got married: We bought matching bathrobes. The robes are made of a classy waffle-like material and embroidered with the word ‘Bridesmaid’ in elegant golden lettering. We thought, what are they going to need on their honeymoon, and then we realised they’d look so cute in their very own matching nightgowns.


For my wife’s nieces who are 5 and 6 years old: We ordered two pink hooded bathrobes with their name and a funny picture sewn on so there’s no confusion about which one belongs to whom. The fabric is an extra soft terry cotton and the hood will keep them warm and prevent them from getting ill.


For Uncle Max and his wide Georgina: Max and Georgina just redecorated their house. They hired a guy and he transformed their bedroom into a shabby chic palace. We thought it was best to get them a set of boutique luxury hand towels. They’re made of fine Egyptian cotton, and we picked a set that came in a number of pastel colours so they could choose their favourite ones to put on display.


I hope that gives you a few ideas. Make it personal and put some thought into it, your relatives are going to feel a lot more special if you don’t just hand them a generic store bought wine and some chocolates. Of course no one is going to turn those down either, but personalised towels are just such a great gift. Everyone’s going to love them.


*Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post and I was given the towels in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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