National Cholesterol Month

National Cholesterol Month

I can’t quite believe we’re into October already but there you go! I love it when there are months on the calendar that raise awareness for certain health topics. October is ‘National Cholesterol Month’ and I’ve teamed up with HEART UK and John West to compete in the 100 Mile Great Cholesterol Challenge. +

What Should Sleep Cycles Look Like


Are you worried that you don’t get enough sleep and how that in turn, is affecting your life? Do you know how much sleep you should be getting? Did you know that for efficient snooze, you should be repeatedly moving through five stages of sleep? If you’re in a daze when it comes to the answers to these questions, read on for more information. +

Investigating The Craziest Myths And Methods For Gaining Height


Growing up, I was always the smallest in my class at school. In fact, I can remember as if it was yesterday being labelled on the wall as the smallest, it was a great confidence boost to me, haha! I think I stopped growing when I hit 21. I now proudly stand at 5 foot nine inches and I’m happy with that. Maybe another couple of inches would’ve been nice but I guess every bloke would say that. I’m still talking about height guys! Let’s face it, you’re born that way and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? +

Put Your Feet Up


It’s quite ironic that I’m writing this post while on holiday in the Lake District. It’s our first family holiday of the year and I must admit, it crept up on me. The weather so far has been great and we’ve enjoyed visits to Keswick, Buttermere and Aira Force. We love taking photographs to capture our adventures and on the first night we watched the sun go down over Ashness Jetty. +

Diet Tips To Improve Circulation Ahead Of A Big Race


The time has finally come. You have trained hard and kept a strict diet and now you feel confident enough to run in the big race tomorrow. You probably know health guidelines as well as anyone – taking proper care of yourself is one of the most important components of maintaining athleticism. You also probably know that while exercise habits are important to consider, dietary habits are just as important. +

How Safe Is DIY?


Everyone loves a bit of DIY, don’t they? That feeling of satisfaction when you fix a problem at home is similar to getting a new personal best in the gym. Working hard to overcome the inevitable obstacles that present themselves to achieve that end goal. Brits are notorious for their love of DIY – for generations we have adopted the ‘make do and mend’ mentality, choosing to fix things ourselves rather than get professionals in. But how harmful is DIY? +