Bioglan VitaGummies Review


There have been conflicting reports about the benefits of multivitamins over the years. I believe people should take a multi-vitamin from a mineral point of view. Almost all of us are going to be deficient in some sort of mineral so taking a multi-vitamin gives these levels a little boost. Think of it as insurance – you are covering yourself just in case! +

St Helen’s Farm Hamper


The guys over at St Helen’s Farm recently asked if I would review a hamper of their goats milk produce. As someone who periodically suffers with a cows milk allergy I was more than happy to accommodate and when the hamper arrived I wasn’t disappointed. Instead of a throw away cardboard box the products arrived in a St Helen’s branded cool bag which will come in so handy when the weather picks up and we’re in full picnic mode with the kids.  +

Best Gift Towels for Christmas


This year we’re having a lot of people over for Christmas, so my wife and I racked our brains to come up with the best gifts for everyone. We thought about winter clothing, but nah – too risky.  What if one size doesn’t fit all, it could stir up some unwanted weight issues. Definitely not desirable right before serving up Christmas pudding. +

Don’t Just Run, Run Right


One thing I’ve learnt from training in general is that just because you train, doesn’t mean you’re training right. The body is a complex machine and small adjustments can lead to massive changes. That statements leads perfectly onto my latest review of SHFT. +