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We all know that exercise and healthy eating is all about routine. So what happens when that routine is broken? We go on holiday or we go away with work, it’s tough sometimes.


Holidays have never been an issue for me personally. I treat this as my downtime and I relax most of the holiday. I have been known to pump out a few press-ups before heading down to the swimming pool though, haha!


I’ve never really had to go away with work for large stints either but I can imagine for people that do, it’s difficult to drop into a routine. A healthy routine anyway. Grabbing a quick sandwich on the way to a meeting and you stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a gym. It’s easy to just switch off and not have a fitness routine at all.


Then I heard about Gym Nomad. It’s a concept that has just launched in Amsterdam and it’s fitness memberships for people that travel. Gym Nomad aim to solve two problems for the training traveller. First, finding the right place to train. Second, ensuring casual visits don’t cost you a fortune.

Find Your Gym

Search for the right gym for you. The right equipment, the right location and the right price. You can customise your search too. Enter the desired length of your stay (and membership), and choose the classes or facilities you require. You can also filter by location and price.

Book It

Once you find the right gym or class, book it! Learn about everything from classes and equipment to facilities and opening hours. If you like what you see – sign up for a short-term membership. Creating a Gym Nomad account brings you one step closer to making your booking. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a booking number and then you can…

Head To The Gym

Once you’ve arrived, let the staff know you booked with Gym Nomad and show them your booking code and ID. It’s that simple!


This really is a great concept and it’s one I can imagine coming to the UK in the near future. You heard it here first!


I’m writing this post, just after texting a friend. He’s actually just started training with me and he’s going away with work for two days, all expenses paid. This is a yearly thing and he’s a little nervous because it involved meals out and alcohol, lots of alcohol. I say nervous because he’s really trying to be good.


What did my text say? Well I told him to have fun. Then I told him to continue drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I also researched the menu of the restaurant he will be visiting and advised him on what meals he should chose from. We also plan to hit the gym over the weekend, this should minimise the damage. Just think how amazing it would be for him, if the Gym Nomad concept was available in the UK.


Do you stay on track while working away?


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Following the birth of his son in 2009, Paul was unfit and sluggish. Since then he's been training using a range of exercise techniques and gained some valuable information over the years. Events he has completed to date are Total Warrior, Pier To Pier, Bamburgh 10k, Hamsterley 10k, Blaydon Races, Newcastle Stampede and over 50 parkruns. In 2012 he created his own challenge called the '12 Days of Christmas.' He raised over £1000 for Percy Hedley by running 60 miles to celebrate their 60 years. In 2013 he ran the '12 parkruns of Christmas' with friend Lee Nyland. The pair raised over £1400 for the Tiny Lives Fund.

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  1. That’s an excellent and relatable post there, my friend. I’ve just come back from a month in India and, obviously, my fitness wasn’t my main concern. However, I did still work out using an app called ‘Freeletics’ – you may have heard of it. Gym Nomad is an excellent idea and I sure hope it takes off. Keep bringing the value.

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