How Healthy Is Your Lunch?

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When it comes to lunches I’m in a pretty privileged position because I work from home most days. This means I usually have fresh ingredients around me and all the necessary equipment to make a healthy and nutritious lunch.


So my first tip for anyone wanting better lunch habits would be to plan ahead. We do our weekly shop most Wednesdays and I eat by myself on a Thursday, Monday and a Tuesday. So I already know I need three lunches readily available to cook on these days. If I didn’t plan ahead for these days, I’d either not eat or eat the wrong thing.

So what are my lunches of choice?

Well for this meal of the day I do try and stay with low or no carb combos. Instead opting for high protein dishes. I absolutely love salmon and this is on my lunch menu a few times a week. It’s so easy to cook in a griddle pan, three minutes one side, two the other and it’s done to perfection! Broccoli is the winning partner for this dish, a sprinkling of black pepper and you have yourself a healthy and delicious lunch.

How Healthy Is Your Lunch?

Other days I love a steak. Again, so easy to cook in a griddle pan and it doesn’t take long to establish how long to cook it on each side for the perfect steak for you. It’s definitely a personal preference. I go medium to well done and that’s three minutes each side. Served with asparagus tips and I seriously feel like I’m serving myself a restaurant quality dish!


So when I’m in the house, I’m sorted. But what happens when I have meetings or I’m on the road and need to grab lunch on the go? It can be difficult to make the right choice especially when faced with a fridge full of pretty awesome looking food. Do you go for the small pasta pot, the healthy looking salad or the chunky sandwich? First of all don’t be fooled by appearances. That healthy looking salad could be laced with high calorie dressing and the pasta pot may be small but could contain your recommended sugar serving of the day! This graphic from TrustTwo is great for helping you to decipher those grab on the go lunches. I’m saving this one to my iPhone to have at hand next time I’m on the road.

How Healthy Is Your Lunch?

If you’d like to know what healthy lunches Mutha Fitness cooks up, click here. You don’t want to miss reading that! It can be really difficult making the right decisions sometimes, especially when you’re up against time and you just need to grab, run and eat on the way.


What lunches do you make yourself? Do you like salmon and steak too?


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