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The MP45 Workout and Meal Plan Program is one of the best selling complete exercise and nutrition programs on the market today. Created by the popular fitness brand Muscle Prodigy, MP45 is being used by various gym members across the world.


I took some time to review this popular program…

Workout Plan

The 45 day program gradually progresses in difficulty over time. That’s why it’s so effective. Since it’s a gradual progressive approach, you will be slowly eased into the more extreme forms of exercise. Whether a beginner or advanced lifter, this program will adapt your body to handle these more intense forms of training. If you do the right types of exercises in an intense manner, you will burn an incredible amount of fat while building muscle and getting stronger. That’s exactly what this program does. This program is suitable for both males and females of any age or fitness level.


The strength-training portion of the program is deeply based on compound movements, such as squats, presses and rows that incorporate multiple muscle groups into a singular, coherent exercise. Compound exercises are some of the best exercises since they get most of your body involved. With the workout program of MP45 based largely in this method, this opens up to fast body transformation that is effective in just a short period of time. Still, isolated exercises are incorporated to keep the workouts new, fresh, and constantly evolving to keep you and your body from plateauing throughout the program. Supersets and giant sets are prominent in the program as well, furthering the intensity of MP45.


The cardio portion of the program includes high intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology. Research has shown that doing sprint-based exercises like this can burn 9 times more fat than traditional steady state cardio. You will get a greater percentage of fat loss in a more efficient and more effective period of time.


The combination of strength training and cardio training methodologies into a single workout program makes this program better than most.

Nutrition Plan

In conjunction with the workout plan, MP45 comes with an extremely detailed but easy to follow nutrition program. With this plan, you’ll eat small frequent meals every 2-3 hours, focusing primarily on lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs.


You also get a grocery list of the best and healthiest ingredients, including grilled chicken, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, fruits, and veggies. Cheat meals are also included in the program, which is unique and a plus! Having cheat meals at specific times will help ramp up your metabolism so you’ll continually burn fat throughout your whole body.


MP45 is so easy to use. It can be downloaded right to your computer, tablet or phone. You can easily follow along at the gym or kitchen. With so many incredible resources in the program that are trustworthy and innovative, you will love this program, just as I did. I highly recommend this program!


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Following the birth of his son in 2009, Paul was unfit and sluggish. Since then he's been training using a range of exercise techniques and gained some valuable information over the years. Events he has completed to date are Total Warrior, Pier To Pier, Bamburgh 10k, Hamsterley 10k, Blaydon Races, Newcastle Stampede and over 50 parkruns. In 2012 he created his own challenge called the '12 Days of Christmas.' He raised over £1000 for Percy Hedley by running 60 miles to celebrate their 60 years. In 2013 he ran the '12 parkruns of Christmas' with friend Lee Nyland. The pair raised over £1400 for the Tiny Lives Fund.


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