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While the hazards and dangers of smoking are well known, it is not always easy to quit. If you have a loved one that smokes and you have tried many things to persuade them to stop smoking, you may feel as though there is nothing left to try. However, as you love them, you are never going to give up and there should be other ways to focus on helping them to stop.


If you have tried the compassion and love approach, it is perhaps time to try a different tact. There is often a lot to be said for frightening people and telling them the dangers that are associated with smoking. Most people are aware of the dangers that come with smoking but it is only when they are presented to them in a stark fashion that the horrors caused by smoking really start to hit home.


When it comes to scaring your brother into giving up smoking, think about him and his lifestyle. If he is young, it may be difficult to convince him with arguments about his old age, as people don’t often look too far into the distance. If your brother is yet to have children but one day would like to be a dad, the faction that smoking plays a role in impotency is something to focus on. If there is a chance that smoking can harm the likelihood of your brother becoming a father, there is a chance that he may decide it is best to stop smoking. This is one area where you can have an impact on his likelihood of smoking.

Tailor your focus to the needs of your brother

If your brother is a dad, this is where to provide statistics about the shortened life expectancy of a smoker. All parents want to live as long as possible to see their kids grow up. Impressing the fact that smokers on average have shorter lives will play a role in making up his mind. There is also the fact that smoking leaves people out of breath and not feeling as fit as they should be. Given that most dads want to feel as though they can play with their kids, this may be an area that appeals to him.


There is also a need to provide special support and assistance. Willpower alone is often not enough to convince people to stop smoking and this is where the use of a VIP starter kitcan help. Providing your brother with all of the tools he needs to stop smoking will make a big difference in giving him the confidence and assurance he needs to know he can give up smoking.


If you have a loved one that is smoking, you can sometimes feel helpless. This is not the case though and there are plenty of ways in which you can help your brother or any other family member to stop smoking. Help is always available so don’t give up.


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