Put Your Feet Up


It’s quite ironic that I’m writing this post while on holiday in the Lake District. It’s our first family holiday of the year and I must admit, it crept up on me. The weather so far has been great and we’ve enjoyed visits to Keswick, Buttermere and Aira Force. We love taking photographs to capture our adventures and on the first night we watched the sun go down over Ashness Jetty. +

Five Alternative Ways To Stay Fit


We all appreciate how important it is to stay fit, not just for ourselves but also for our families. However effective simply going for a run, or just working out at the gym might be though, this isn’t always to everyone’s tastes. So, why not try something a little more exciting or interesting? Here’s five such examples for you to consider: +

It’s Just a Blog

It's Just a Blog

I read something on Twitter last weekend that touched a nerve. It was a tweet suggesting that unless you’re someone important, you shouldn’t have a blog. Obviously as a blog owner, I took offense to something being said like that. I respect everyones opinion so here’s mine.


Running for Good

Running for Good

I came across a fitness blog the other day and I got a mention!


Tina Reale runs Best Body Fitness and she has a Saturday Shares page. If you scroll down to the heading ‘Reflect & Grow’ you’ll see next to ‘Use running for good?’ is my charity Christmas challenge. How nice is that? It’s great to see so many people supporting this challenge. The obvious aim of it all is to raise money for Percy Hedley but it seems to be developing into more than that. +