7 New Hobbies To Try In 2017


The New Year has arrived. For a lot of us, our resolutions will be trying to find a way to better ourselves, a good way of achieving this is taking up a new hobby. The benefits of having a hobby are many – they can provide a good outlet for stress, help you develop a new skill & can keep you feeling healthy and active. +

New Year Fitness Regime – Make It A Team Effort


A new year often brings fresh optimism about the 12 months ahead, with many resolutions revolving around the desire to get fit and become a healthier person. Maintaining a fitness regime isn’t however an easy thing to do, which is why by the end of January so many good intentions simply slip by the way side. There is though a way in which you can make the most of your good intentions and keep up your regime throughout the year, by making exercise a team effort. +