Protein! Protein! Protein!


If you’re into fitness, you may feel like you’re being bombarded with information around supplements and in particular protein shakes. What are they and do you really need them? I thought I’d pull together some information for you and explain the importance of protein as part of a healthy diet and fitness routine. +

Put Your Feet Up


It’s quite ironic that I’m writing this post while on holiday in the Lake District. It’s our first family holiday of the year and I must admit, it crept up on me. The weather so far has been great and we’ve enjoyed visits to Keswick, Buttermere and Aira Force. We love taking photographs to capture our adventures and on the first night we watched the sun go down over Ashness Jetty. +

Recommended Muscle Supplements


Most bodybuilders are always looking for ways to keep building muscles. While following a strict diet and training program is highly recommended as a bodybuilder, this might not be enough to help you achieve your goals. This is where muscle building supplements come in and it is essential that you know which the best ones are for you. Here’s a look at my top four recommended supplements for building muscle. +