The Perfect Gift For Your Child This Christmas

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When it comes to giving the perfect gift for a child at Christmas, it becomes harder and harder. Money is tight for many families this Christmas, which means that parents will want to get the best value for money in all of the gifts that they give their kids. This means that there is a lot to weigh up before giving a present.


A parent will want their child to receive a gift that will last them a long time. They also want to ensure that they receive a gift that they will use a lot of the time. If this gift can be used when playing with friends, all the better, because parents are keen to encourage their children to be sociable. There is also a lot to be said for giving a gift that can help a child to stay fit and healthy. There is a lot of concern about the rising number of overweight and obese children, so a present that encourages children to stay active will be very welcome by parents.

A BMX Bike is the obvious solution

When weighing up all of these different considerations, it may be that there are not too many options left. However, there is one very obvious gift that children will love. A BMX bike meets all of the above considerations and there is an extensive range of bikes to choose from. No matter what budget a parent has set aside for Christmas presents or what sort of look and style that the child would prefer, there will be a BMX gift that is perfect for Christmas 2013.


While the bike itself will be the present, there is also a sense of adventure and freedom that comes with a BMX bike. Kids can travel for greater distances by bike but there is also an opportunity for kids to have a lot of fun with a BMX bike. BMX bikes have long been known as being a great choice for bikers that like doing tricks and stylish movements. This is something that will delight and excite the vast majority of children, making it a brilliant present.


The fact that a BMX bike also provides a way to be active, without making it seem like a chore is a big plus point. If a parent told their child that they had to go out and exercise for an hour, a child would likely moan and try to find a way out of exercising. However, if a parent told their child to go out and play on their BMX bike for an hour, the child would likely try and turn that hour into two or three hours of play.


This means that this bike can provide fun, freedom and a great way of staying active and feeling fitter for any kid. When it comes to giving the ideal Christmas present, it is hard to argue against all the benefits a BMX bike delivers.


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Following the birth of his son in 2009, Paul was unfit and sluggish. Since then he's been training using a range of exercise techniques and gained some valuable information over the years. Events he has completed to date are Total Warrior, Pier To Pier, Bamburgh 10k, Hamsterley 10k, Blaydon Races, Newcastle Stampede and over 50 parkruns. In 2012 he created his own challenge called the '12 Days of Christmas.' He raised over £1000 for Percy Hedley by running 60 miles to celebrate their 60 years. In 2013 he ran the '12 parkruns of Christmas' with friend Lee Nyland. The pair raised over £1400 for the Tiny Lives Fund.

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