The Various Amazing Features of Nordic Treadmill and Nordic Elliptical

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Treadmills and elliptical machines are two of the most popular gym and fitness equipments in the world and are cardio workout machines which most fitness enthusiasts swear by. These machines enable you to burn a lot of calories and are ones which you can even buy for your home gym. If you are someone who is interested in buying both or one of the two of these equipments then you must only buy the best brand.


Nordic Track Treadmills and Nordictrack elliptical prove to be superb pieces belonging to one of the best and largest manufacturer of fitness equipments. If you wish to know more about these two workout machines, then you can read the following given information.

Features of Nordictrack Treadmill

  • One of the main features of this treadmill is the iFit Live technology.  This is an interactive technology which enables the users of this machine not just to run the world virtually but also be motivated enough to complete their goals
  • iFit Live interactive technology is basically composed of two parts which are given as follows:
  1. Customised workout programs-this feature is one of the most amazing features of this treadmill. What it does is that it enables you to set your own workout goals and then provides you with personalised exercise and workout programs to meet these goals
  2. Google Maps-this treadmill is supported by Google Maps which means that you can virtually run across the world. The maps or the route for running is presented on your screen and you can track the distance and terrain of running while you use the machine
  • Colour touch display screen is yet another feature of this treadmill and enables you to track your progress, use the Google maps and to also enter in your details or goals easily
  • Sound system-there is an audio output system attached to this device which can be used to listen to music and for giving out audio instructions

Features of Nordictrack Elliptical

  • One of the main features supported by this fitness equipment is that it comes with an interactive technology known as iFit technology. This technology enables you to feel much more motivated about working out and includes two parts which are Google Maps and customised workout programs
  • Another feature offered by this machine to make your workout fun is inbuilt speaker with MP3 audio. This system can enable you to listen to music while working out and also offers a decent sound quality
  • You can also enjoy internet access on the inbuilt touch screen display and use it for checking mail, using Google maps and other such options
  • Nordictrack Elliptical comes with the facility of adjustable foot pedals as well as adjustable incline and decline feature


There is also the option of FreeStride trainer which is facility through which you can simulate exercising on the stair stepper, the treadmill or the elliptical. This allows you to do a more intense workout.


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