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Are you looking for a fun but educational day out for the young ones? Perhaps you are a teacher looking to engage your pupils with animals and nature? If so then Knowsley Safari Park could be the place you are searching for, and here is why.


There is a growing body of opinion and research, such as this article titled The Benefits of Pets for Human Health, along with a similar piece in National Geographic, that links interacting with animals with aiding well-being and development in children.


Knowsley Safari Park combines the exciting activity of viewing animals with these educational and development benefits to provide a stimulating and informative day out for all the family.

School opportunities

Providing a range of different activities to keep the day fun yet educational, guided tours and workshops ensure the right balance of learning for your school day out.


If you are unable to make it to the park, Knowsley Safari Park offers an acclaimed Outreach Service, which delivers a mixture of animal education and enjoyment to the doorstep of schools, nurseries and other institutions.

Holiday programme

Knowsley Safari Park provides three different holiday programmes to educate and entertain your children during the holidays. These are aimed at youngsters who are interested in knowing more about animals, along with the wider topic of nature and conservation work.


The first of the three programmes is Intrepid Explorers, which caters to children between 7 to 10 years old and is a 3-day club involving crafts, games and exploring their natural surroundings.


Another 3-day club, though this time for children aged 11 to 14, is the Junior Rangers programme. Along with educating the children, this also includes behind the scenes action, allowing them to gain an understanding of working life in the park.


Lastly, the Knowsley Academy is for young adults aged 15 to 18 and is a more hands-on 5-day course. Covering a wide variety of topics, including husbandry experience, participants will get to know the daily life of working in the park, including food preparation and habitat maintenance.

Discovery workshops

Along with having a wide range and eclectic mix of animals to find on safari, there are also discovery workshops which provide an area where professional educators showcase their vast knowledge, with the help of live animals and artefacts.


The discovery workshops are continually improving and changing, ensuring that if you visit at a later date there is always something new to see and learn.

The Final Word

Knowsley Safari Park strikes an excellent balance between excitement, enjoyment and education, whilst also providing quiet retreats for relaxation within the park. When it comes to family days out that are affordable, fun and educational for all of the family, Knowsley Safari Park is an exceptional choice.


Have you been to Knowsley Safari Park? What is your favourite feature or activity when visiting?


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