What To Expect From Spinning

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Spinning is a particular kind of indoor cycling that offers a great total body workout and it helps build up your strength. Spinning offers an excellent way of burning some calories and also relieving stress.


Generally speaking, spinning employs the use of a stationary bike that has a couple of tension levels and it is designed in a way that it is capable of tracking your progress. This motivates you even more to continue and accomplishing your set fitness goals. There are so many benefits that come with a spinning workout which helps in boosting your fitness and health in an incredible way.

Who is spinning for?

Essentially, spinning is one of the best exercises for people looking for a motivating workout which they can control on their own pace. This is an exercise that you are going to enjoy even for people not involved in fitness classes that are choreography based. Being a low impact exercise, it is an excellent choice for people wishing to balance high impact exercises such as running as well as people with some joint problems.

Benefits of spinning

Participating in a spinning workout for about 45 minutes will allow you to be able to burn about 500 calories and this is what makes spinning such a fantastic way to work out your body and build up strength than other kinds of workouts. Your workout intensity will determine amount of calories that you will burn. You can even adjust your bike based on the kind of intensity that you desire. Spinning also comes with other benefits that help in boosting your fitness and health such as building muscle tone, increased cardio endurance; relieve stress, adjusted tempo and so on.

What to expect

When you enrol for a spinning class, try to think of your instructor as a professional guide who will advise you about how fast you should be pedalling the bike, amount of resistance you need to add, when to do some movements such as sitting, standing or sprinting and how hard you need to work out. After assessing yourself, you will need to make necessary adjustments depending on how you feel and you can go slower, recover and use less or more resistance. In the typical class format, you can expect everyone to be feeling some pressure to try and keep up but remember that spinning exercise is non-competitive.


During spinning, you can expect to feel some fatigue particularly in your leg muscles particularly if you a newbie to spinning. But regardless of how you feel, keep on pedalling and at very least ensure that you keep your legs moving slowly. Just like any other exercise, stopping spinning has risks such as lightheadedness and passing out and as you get tired, you can reduce your resistance just to catch some breath. It is also possible to feel saddle soreness on the seat and this is just very normal.


With spinning, you can also track your progress and this is another reason why it is a fantastic way to work out your body and build up strength.


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