The Body To Live For

I was recently asked (along with Mutha Fitness) to join Wayne Leal at Champneys Tring Resort. We were asked to review the spa as well as complete Wayn...


TomTom Let’s Go

When I hear the brand TomTom, it’s a name I’m familiar with. I’ve been relying on them for years to get me to where I need to be. Be...


The Father Fitness Seaside Search

With just under a couple of weeks left of the school holidays, maybe you’ve run out of ideas? Well I’m delighted to release my third kids ...


Vitality Move Chatsworth

I’ve been helping promote a recent event called Vitality Move and it didn’t disappoint!...


The Father Fitness Outdoor Adventure

I recently released the Father Fitness Nature Trail and it was fairly well received. I thought I’d create another one and make it slightly harde...


3 Ways To Train Mental Fitness


Whilst fitness is widely associated with our physical health, it is evident that maintaining our mental fitness and therefore mental health is equally as important. Statistics from the NHS show that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a mental illness, with groups such as young women and those receiving benefits particularly at risk. +

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The Father Fitness Active Advent – Days 9-16 +

Welcome to the ‘Father Fitness Active Advent.’ 24 [...]

Exercise and Kids

Growing Up Out...

Growing Up Outdoors +

I recently collaborated with Reima in their quest [...]