The Father Fitness Outdoor Adventure

I recently released the Father Fitness Nature Trail and it was fairly well received. I thought I’d create another one and make it slightly harde...


The Father Fitness Exercise Calendar

I had created a free exercise calendar back in 2012 for 4Ever Fitness and it really helped with my motivation. I kept it up to date for a good couple ...


The Father Fitness Nature Trail

While walking the dog with Mutha Fitness the other day, we chatted about creating a download of an activity sheet we use for our own kids....


Family Trips in Northumberland

It’s half-term now which means it’s time to find ways to keep the kids busy over the next few days! But fear not, there are a variety of ways to k...


Get Summer Ready

It’s something we all do and that’s lose weight and tone up for our holidays. On one hand that’s good but on the other, we should be constantly ...


Bioglan VitaGummies Review


There have been conflicting reports about the benefits of multivitamins over the years. I believe people should take a multi-vitamin from a mineral point of view. Almost all of us are going to be deficient in some sort of mineral so taking a multi-vitamin gives these levels a little boost. Think of it as insurance – you are covering yourself just in case! +

Investigating The Craziest Myths And Methods For Gaining Height


Growing up, I was always the smallest in my class at school. In fact, I can remember as if it was yesterday being labelled on the wall as the smallest, it was a great confidence boost to me, haha! I think I stopped growing when I hit 21. I now proudly stand at 5 foot nine inches and I’m happy with that. Maybe another couple of inches would’ve been nice but I guess every bloke would say that. I’m still talking about height guys! Let’s face it, you’re born that way and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? +

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A Charity Even...

A Charity Event Organisation Checklist +

No matter how well established your charity is, [...]

Exercise and Kids

The Father Fit...

The Father Fitness Outdoor Adventure +

I recently released the Father Fitness Nature Trail [...]