No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Well it’s that time of year when we have to bundle the kids up in all of their winter clothing to go out and about. Anyone with kids knows how w...


My 12 Week Freeletics Challenge

I recently completed a 12 week Freeletics challenge and I have to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Please read on to fin...


Family Fitness

We’ve always been a fairly active family. When we welcomed Yogi (our Hungarian Vizsla) into the family last year, it gave us an extra incentive ...


Introducing Freeletics

The first I’d heard of Freeletics was an email in my inbox. I was intrigued firstly because of the cool name and then because I witnessed before and...


Mountain Warehouse Review

I love it when you get asked to do a review and the timing is perfect. We were due to go on holiday within a few days and the forecast didn’t lo...


Rise Of Inclusive Sports In The UK


In general, the environment for disabled athletes is on an improving trend. Paralympic sport has enjoyed a 70-year long journey – beginning as a rehabilitation method for wounded soldiers to now being a respected sport, with Paralympians competing on the grandest stage, broadcasted to hundreds of countries around the world. The “paralympic effect”, which resulted from the popularity of 2012′s Paralympics, helped to drastically increase awareness for athletes competing with disabilities, and Sport England has made an increase in inclusive sport for adults one of its priorities going forwards. +

Leucine – What Is It And What Foods Contain It?


You may remember amino acids from your time in school – they’re used by the body to create proteins and form an essential part of our diets. You can’t synthesise your essential amino acids, so you’ve got to find natural sources of them in your food. Leucine is also big in sports nutrition right now, touted as an amino acid to be taken post-workout to increase protein synthesis. +

Martial Arts For The Whole Family


Despite parents’ efforts in shuttling their children to and from sports practices and events, they often – as is well known – neglect their own health, though we occasionally see the irony in how much exercise our kids are getting and how little we get ourselves. Martial arts, touted for all the benefits they offer young people, are a great way for parents to maintain their own health. Start with a practice that appeals to the whole family, and you’ll all get the payoff. +

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Exercise and Kids

Family Fitness

Family Fitness +

We’ve always been a fairly active family. When [...]