Done and Dusted

I’m not going to lie, it felt great completing the challenge. We may not have done 12 in one day but we did run 12 parkruns and we ran them all ...


The 11 parkruns of Christmas

The day after our ‘attempted’ charity challenge I posted this to my personal Facebook wall:...


Misfit Shine Competition

Competition time guys! Win a Misfit Shine! I’m really excited about this competition as the product looks fantastic. It’ll make a perfect ...


The 12 parkruns of Christmas

I know I said I wasn’t going to do anything this year but I’ve changed my mind! I started talking to Lee about doing a new Christmas chall...


Samsung? Samflung!

One of the most exciting reviews to date. I got the chance to test-drive the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active....


Is A Personal Trainer Worth The Money?


So you’ve tried those fasting diets, without much success. Joined the gym in January but never quite made it to February. Bought that cross-trainer off Ebay, but now just use it as a glorified clothes rack. After wasting endless amounts of money on dieting, fitness gadgets and gym memberships, many of us may consider turning our attention to something widely considered to be more effective – personal training! After all celebrities don’t achieve their buff, red-carpet figures by willpower alone. They all have personal trainers, right? But with the average training session in the UK costing upwards of £35, it’s certainly not the cheapest option. So is it really worth the money? +

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No one is perfect. I’d need another 34 [...]

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The Perfect Gift For Your Child This Christmas +

When it comes to giving the perfect gift [...]