The Father Fitness Exercise Calendar

I had created a free exercise calendar back in 2012 for 4Ever Fitness and it really helped with my motivation. I kept it up to date for a good couple ...


The Father Fitness Nature Trail

While walking the dog with Mutha Fitness the other day, we chatted about creating a download of an activity sheet we use for our own kids....


Family Trips in Northumberland

It’s half-term now which means it’s time to find ways to keep the kids busy over the next few days! But fear not, there are a variety of ways to k...


Everdine Review

I just love receiving review emails! Especially when it’s from a company like Everdine as the concept seems great and the meals looked delicious....


Get Summer Ready

It’s something we all do and that’s lose weight and tone up for our holidays. On one hand that’s good but on the other, we should be constantly ...


A Work In Progress


So it was back in 2012 I decided to change my life for the better. I was religiously going in the gym and keeping a close eye on what I was eating and drinking. Now for a little confession, I’ve let certain things slide! +

Easy Protein Brownies


Over the past couple of years, Mutha Fitness and I have been quite busy in the kitchen. We started off by following recipes, then tweaking them to our own tastes. The first recipe I’d like to share with you today is one of my favourites and it’s for protein brownies! +

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A Charity Event Organisation Checklist +

No matter how well established your charity is, [...]

Exercise and Kids

Tips For Stayi...

Tips For Staying Fit With Young Children And Babies +

If your children are still young enough to [...]