Muscle Growth Tips


When it comes to developing your muscles, many people think that it is an impossible task. It is easy to look around a gym and see people with massive muscles and think that you will not be able to achieve. The thing is, developing muscles is a lengthy process and you cannot expect overnight success or things to change quickly. However, by making changes in your life and being realistic and patient, you should find that you are able to make a change. +

Recommended Muscle Supplements


Most bodybuilders are always looking for ways to keep building muscles. While following a strict diet and training program is highly recommended as a bodybuilder, this might not be enough to help you achieve your goals. This is where muscle building supplements come in and it is essential that you know which the best ones are for you. Here’s a look at my top four recommended supplements for building muscle. +

Leucine – What Is It And What Foods Contain It?


You may remember amino acids from your time in school – they’re used by the body to create proteins and form an essential part of our diets. You can’t synthesise your essential amino acids, so you’ve got to find natural sources of them in your food. Leucine is also big in sports nutrition right now, touted as an amino acid to be taken post-workout to increase protein synthesis. +

How To Build Muscle Well Into Your 40’s


Whether you’re a father or not, you’ll have to face the facts of life – we as human beings grow older. Fortunately, that isn’t a real hindrance to your health and fitness as some would have you believe. In fact, training well into your middle and older years is great for your general wellbeing. With just a few small considerations, you’ll be as strong and healthy as you’ve ever been. +

No Pain, No Gain, No Brain


This post has been in draft form for a while now. I suffered a pretty bad gym related injury last year. It was completely my own fault through lack of stretching before and after exercise. Not having enough time to train and a lack of room in the gym all contributed to this injury. +

Three Powerful Triceps Presses You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


It’s true to say that most people under value the importance of tricep exercises. They’d rather focus on other main muscles groups such as biceps, pecs or abs but little do these guys know that the true test of strength lies with the ability to perform tricep exercises. Below are three powerful triceps presses you’ve probably never heard of! +