Healthy Father’s Day Gifts to Recommend To The Family

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At the start of June, you will always get the same awkward question: when is Father’s Day this year? Apparently, no-one can remember that it’s on the third Sunday in June! So to help you avoid being asked, here’s a little list of Father’s Day presents you might recommend to help your family remember to say thank you for being an awesome Dad.


It can be a bit tricky knowing what us Dads want when it comes to Father’s Day presents. Many of the usual lists are a little uninspiring, obsessed over technology, or gardening and DIY tools. Why not suggest a healthier option; a gift that will promote a more active lifestyle with fewer vices to hold you back?


Whether it’s to kickstart your new fitness regime or to get every family member in on the fun, there’s a gift for that. If you actually get what you’ve asked for or not is irrelevant. This gift list will make you realise what you’re missing out on, so you can buy it for yourself regardless!

Paintballing: Like Boot Camp, But Much More Fun

I know this just sounds like an excuse to go paintballing, but hear me out. Paintballing could provide you with a serious opportunity to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. This is true for two reasons.


Firstly, running around an outdoor paintball course all day is a physical activity and your body is likely to produce both endorphins and adrenalin because of it. Both of these chemicals produce a “high” that helps your body maintain performance. Regular exercise is a great way to enjoy this natural high again!


Secondly, paintballing can give you a bit of a feel as to what a boot camp might be like. Dressed up in camo, working together as a team and fighting to finish on top are all shared qualities. I’d hope that a good day of paintballing would really inject some excitement about exercise. Plus, it’s Father’s Day — why not have a bit of fun, too!?

Vices Aren’t Good For Your Health

Let’s be honest: you’re not going to get healthier if you continue to excessively indulge in vices. Whether it’s sugar, alcohol or cigarettes, these products can have a seriously negative effect on your health.


Fortunately for tobacco smokers, there is now a healthier alternative. If you don’t know what e-cigarettes are yet, then you’ve had your head in the sand. If you’re interested in getting a new e-cigarette or are thinking about quitting smoking, you can choose from just about any type of vape pen. Guess what else? Research suggests that an e-cigarette can even help ex-smokers to keep the weight off once they’ve quit. Sounds like a win win to me!

Invest In A Local Vegetable Scheme

This is a perfect way to get the family eating healthily together. It even means you don’t need to do as much shopping as it can be easily delivered to your door. Oh, and before I forget, it’s educational, too! If you walked around your local supermarket today, much of the fruit and vegetables on the shelves are imported. So why not indulge in the fantastic vegetables of Great Britain with a veg box?


Your children will get to learn about the different varieties of vegetables. You can get the whole family getting together to decide which are their favourite and find out how to cook them. Delicious healthy vegetables make delicious healthy food, so make sure to check out my articles on nutrition to help you understand exactly what you’re feeding your body.
They are great entertainment for kids and adults, just make sure Dad’s win on Father’s Day!


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